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Like her dam, Tilly was a very distinctive red – but unlike her dam she was a very high spirited and unruly bitch. She was definitely the 'tomboy' of the kennel and on more than one occasion had to rescued from her impetuousness. We used to have at Irton a very old and large Bay tree that consisted of several main and numerous subsidiary stems. This was the home/refuge of the field mice and it was not uncommon in the evening to have to rescue Tilly from its clutches when she had got herself hopelessly entangled and upside down in pursuit of her prey! She is the only one of the Irton's to perfect the art of mouse catching – lying in wait in the kitchen etc and even making a fair attempt at running up the curtains on a few occasions! Her sire was a famous worker and Tilly took her responsibilities in this        
She had a very successful show career although, true to form, she was not a consistent showgirl and was always looking for ways to entertain the crowds. Her most perfected trick was to walk very demurely back towards the judge and at the last moment make a sudden dive behind the nearest pair of legs to take her stand completely out of view – it goes without saying that her CC's all came from judges with a good sense of humour! She will always hold a special place in our hearts not only as our first homebred champion but also as a very special, if eccentric, Border. She gained her title in 1993  and retired from the show ring making a few guest appearances in veteran when we were feeling strong.
Her first litter was to Ch Dandyhow April Fool and produced Irton Triannon who won a CC & a reserve CC.
Her second to Irton Cormac produced Irton Tara a reserve CC winner and granddam of our latest CC winner here.
Champion Irton Wildfire
DoB 1/10/88
(Glenlea Sunburst of Todgrove ex Irton Firecracker)
Despite her high spirits she would never get involved in a fight and in later life would walk between any dogs that were getting uptight and break up any incipient nonsense.
Her greatest love was fell walking  and although she was 'barred out' on numerous occasions for her general behaviour she was always forgiven and reinstated in the big walk pack. She spent her entire life at Irton and was a constant companion to Jox'n who was her grandfather – they are pictured here