IRTON Border Terriers
West Cumbria, UK
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Ch Irton Silver Knight
DoB 08/10/2003
(Irton Starship ex Ch Irton Maree)
CC  &  BIS, East Anglia Border Terrier Club, 2006 (judge Sally Leslie)
An extremely strong class I considered myself highly fortunate to have the chance to run the rule over dogs of this calibre.  I have reported fully on this shapely exhibit before when awarding him a RCC so all I will say is that nothing has changed my view and this high quality Border Terrier exemplifies the standard with his honest, classic workmanlike frame, beautifully proportioned, fit and well constructed throughout it must be a very pleasing experience to watch him about the place, he simply fills the eye

CC  &  BOB, Scottish Kennel Club, May 2006
(judge Anne Tove Stande)
My BOB: Lovely type and outline. True expression, ears a bit big but well shaped head. Very well balanced and he had that length of body making him not too compact. Very sound mover and quality coat in excellent condition. Excellent top line and pelt. Very good otter tail and well set but which he could have carried higher when standing!

CC  &  BOB, Leeds, 2006
(judge Jean Willets)
masculine dog of good type. Broad head with strong muzzle. Clean front, neck and laid back shoulder. Correct rib and strong loin. Well angulated. and muscled hindquarter. In good coat and pelt. Tight deep feet. Good topline and tailset. Moved out well with a long stride.  

Reserve CC Manchester 2005
(judge Sally Leslie)
Most likely Border, well muscled and well constructed which resulted in effortless movement, beautifully presented, good undercoat and dense topcoat, pleasing head. Both the first two displayed correctly angulated front and rear assemblies, both had good height to length ratios free from exaggeration with true, albeit slightly different, type which appealed immensely.

Reserve CC Birmingham National 2007
(judge Sarah Dandy)
A very appealing and typical head and expression on this very stylish grizzle. Racy, narrow and super fit he effortlessly and enthusiastically moved out with reach and drive in profile. Very soundly constructed with a pleasing outline and balanced overall. Particularly liked his narrow bodylines, with a super elegant reach of neck into an excellent top line, held on the move and good tailset. Has a length of body, well ribbed up and powerful but racy well angulated hindquarters which he used to his advantage on the move. Pleasing moderate bone and presented in a superbly toned condition.

Reserve CC Birmingham City 2008
(judge Terry Cooper)
This dog looks like he would do the job he was bred for. Good head, Feet, Coat and Pelt. Shown in Fit condition . Moved true back and fore. No hesitation in awarding this dog the RCC.
SKC, May 2006
Leeds 2006
Photos by Joyce Martin