IRTON Border Terriers
West Cumbria, UK
Tel: 019467 24314,  

Irton Polka
DoB 12/10/2007
(Ch Irton Up Helly Aa ex Irton Tango)
Championship Show Wins :

1st Limit bitch Res CC - Border Union 2010
Racy, upstanding bitch. Lovely otter head. Good shoulders, front and rear angulation. Carrying an excellent double coat. Moved freely round the ring on a loose lead.

1st Limit bitch - LKA 2009
Very strong class for movement 1st: Irton Polka  Nice young red bitch with lovely varminty expression, very typical otter head and big strong teeth, straight front and good shoulder, narrow and moved with drive

1st Yearling bitch - Driffield 2009
A hardy looking workmanlike bitch in rich red grizzle coat which was at its best. Proper Border otter head with plenty of strength under the eye which gave her a real keen and mischievous expression. Good bite and strong white teeth. Smooth front into straight front – this bitch is just right for bone which added to the overall picture of being able to do a good days work. Easily spanned and with good balance. She moved out well once she had settled into the ring.

1st Postgrad bitch - YLCh 2009
Very good class of nice bitches.1st: Irton Polka - Rich red coated attractive bitch. Lovely type, very feminine. Nice head with dark ear. Good hind angulation, moved well.

2nd Yearling bitch, res CC - EABT 2009
A quality bitch with many of the attributes of (1). Wonderful head and expression, good confirmation and the ability to move with drive and purpose. Very happy to award her the Reserve Bitch CC which could on another have been the CC.
1st Yearling bitch - SKC (may) 2009
good feminine head, good body with good coat and pelt, moved well

2nd Postgrad bitch - Paignton 2009
Strong head, short muzzle. Tight feet. Well laid shoulders. Very fit. Nice bitch to go over but lacked enthusiasm in the ring.

2nd Junior bitch - Boston 2009
In harsh workmanlike condition typical of this kennel, in full coat but could not disguise the sound construction underneath, shown professionally to advantage
Photo: Joyce Martin