IRTON Border Terriers
West Cumbria, UK
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This page will outline the development of the Irton Border terrier kennel, and will have links to the important dogs who contributed (not all links activated yet)

Ch Dandyhow April Fool mated back to his grandaughter Ch Irton Wildfire produced Irton Triannon (Debra) who won a CC & Reserve CC. She proved very difficult to mate but after several attempts we managed to have pups, sadly neither were of sufficient quality to show and she was rehomed and enjoyed a long and happy life in Lancashire.
Opinan Baubo by Irton  (Kiki) was first mated to the Staveley’s Ch Blue Doctor and a dark Grizzle dog was retained at Irton. Irton Cormac was a super Border but without any great enthusiasm for the show ring. He won several reserve CC’s and was most notably deprived of the ticket at the Midland Club when, having won a super Limit dog class, he was pipped by his kennel mate Ch Dandyhow April Fool taking that award from the veteran class! Kiki’s  next mating was to the Cuthbertson’s young dog Ch Ashbrae McNally. This produced three pups; our own Irton Rhapsody; Su Williams’s Irton Ransom at Hollybridge and a dog pup. Both of these bitches had succesful show careers with Irton Ransom at Hollybridge winning a CC and, mated to Ch Holcombe Jack Daniels, producing a CC winning son Hollybridge Royal ransom for Raeburnfoot who went to Nancy Hogg’s kennel and also won a CC.
It was the repeat of this mating that really produced the works giving us; Ch Irton First Footer (Dinnie); and the litter mates who returned to the Cuthbertson’s kennel - Ch Irton Hogmanay at Ashbrae and the dual CC winner Irton Reveller at Ashbrae.

Ch Irton Wildfire was now mated to Irton Cormac   and the bitch retained here was Irton Tara; she won a reserve CC, and mated to Irton Ronaldsay (of whom more below) produced Irton Sheila who joined Dave Scattergood’s kennel and stands behind some of the later Irtons.

Meanwhile the opportunity arose to buy back a puppy from Borbeck Beta by Irton, who had beeen mated to Ch Another Scot, and so Ch Raeburnfoot Isla at Irton or Minnie as she was known at home, joined our kennel.
We had an exciting year with First Footer Tara and Isla, all of whom were much the same age, competing in the puppy classes. In fact it became a family joke that everytime Trak handled First Footer for Dave against Isla (both of whom he normally showed) First Footer won the BP award!

It was inevitable, therefore, that First Footer and Isla would be mated and the first litter was very promising. Irton Bernaray Baywillow joined Marion Reeves’s kennel and won a reserve CC for herself also produced Marion’s first bitch champion Baywillow Sun Spice - a bitch from whom all of the current Baywillow champions descend.
We retained Irton Heskeir and Irton Ronaldsay ( a blue and tan) here. As above Irton Ronaldsay (Wilson) mated Tara; however he proved a very reluctant showman and after a frustrating couple of years trying to get him to enjoy the process he was rehomed - as always living happily ever after.
See the link for Tangle’s  (Irton Heskeir )  career.
Irton Heskeir was then mated to a young CC winning dog owned by Nancy Hogg at Raeburnfoot, Hollybridge Royal Ransom for Raeburnfoot was bred by Su Williams (Hollybridge) out of her CC winner Irton Ransom at Hollybridge - a full sister to Ch Irton First Footer - and sired by Ch Raeburnfoot Royal Mail. The result was Ch Irton Maree.

More to come soon!!